15 Most Beautiful Local Flowers for your Wedding Bouquet

Bride-to-be, lover of local, or flower fanatics, enjoy this list of our 15 Most Beautiful Local Flowers for your Wedding Bouquet for Spring, Summer, & Fall.

With so many different blooms available, how do you choose the best ones for your wedding? We'd recommend to start first with what's available season to season. Secondly, what colour palette or hues stick out to you? Which don't? Lastly, what style do you want your flowers to reflect? Traditional, boho, romantic?

Vancouver Island is home to such a long & warm growing season we are spoiled for choice for local flowers - tulips, peonies, roses, ranunculus, anemones, lisianthus, & more. While it can be overwhelming planning for your wedding flowers, we wrote this list so you can learn about flower varieties & bloom times.

These are our 15 Most Beautiful Local Flowers for your Wedding Bouquet, and each one of them is grown right here on our farm!



  • Some varieties are fragrant

  • Wide variety of colours


  • Wide variety of colours

  • Double blooms are often mistaken for peonies

  • Long-lasting


  • Very fragrant

  • Light & Airy blooms

  • Wide variety of colours - blush apricots & whites are our most favourite to grow


  • Our favourite Spring flower

  • Wide variety of colours

  • Layers upon layers of delicate petals unfold for showy blooms


  • The most classic Spring flower

  • Fragrant

  • Large Bloom in whites, pinks, & reds.



  • Intoxicatingly Fragrant

  • Rare & Antique Old-fashioned varieties

  • Blushes, Pinks, Peachy, & Creamy Yellows

  • Flowers can be easily dried after the wedding to prolong the blooms


  • Long-lasting

  • Pearly white & pink shades

  • Flowers can be easily dried


  • Produces beautiful flowers & unique seed pods

  • Light & Airy

  • Whites, Blues, & Purples


  • Also known as the poor mans' rose

  • Very long lasting

  • Unique petal formation similar to a rose

  • Wide variety of colours


  • The best summer & fall focal flowers

  • Wide variety of colours & shapes






Scabiosa Pods

We hope this list of our top 15 most favourite local blooms for your wedding bouquet helps making planning your wedding easier.

For a longer list of wedding flowers by bloom month check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration.

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